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Improve your monthly cash flow by consolidating your accounts with Direct Axis. We’ll settle all or some of your accounts on your behalf to create a single easy-to-manage loan. Apply online and you could be enjoying the benefits of a consolidation loan within 48 hours!

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A consolidation loan is designed to simplify your finances and increase cashflow. We will only grant you a loan that you can comfortably afford to repay based on your personal financial profile and subject to credit approval. With your permission we will settle all or some of your loans, retail and credit card accounts.

The result is simplicity: a single monthly payment at a fixed interest rate - and because you’re taking the loan over a relatively longer term, your monthly repayment could be lower. In fact, South Africans who consolidate their accounts with Direct Axis increase their cashflow by an average of R1 900 every month!

A Direct Axis Consolidation Loan does more than settle your accounts and improve cashflow:

  • Accounts are settled on your behalf
  • Your monthly cashflow could improve
  • Any remaining cash from the loan is yours
  • Monthly service fees and debit order costs are reduced
  • Future payments are fixed and protected against interest rate increases

Thousands of people across South Africa have enjoyed the benefits of a Direct Axis Consolidation Loan – see what they say about the difference we’ve made in their lives.

“Yes it did, at least some of my debt is sorted out. It was quick prompt service and I'd say yes 'yes' to using Direct Axis again.”

“It’s a more structured loan so you can actually plan ahead, knowing that you’ve got one amount to pay each month instead of a few. They went out of their way to assist me. The follow up calls and trying to adjust certain things … that was quite nice for me, I wasn’t expecting that. If I was in a meeting or something then I would ask her to call me back at a certain time when I was available. She was very precise: if I said one o’clock she would call me at exactly five past one. I would even suggest Direct Axis to the next person!”

“Does account consolidation help? You cannot believe it - I eventually saved R2 800 per month. It makes a big difference. I can save money now. I’ve been many years with Direct Axis now and they’ve always made a plan for me, do this and we can give you more. They always go the extra mile for the customers. The knowledge of the people and the willingness to help you is really wow. I will stick to Direct Axis all the time.”

“Direct Axis gave me the most funds after the banks rejected my application, and I did manage to cover some of my accounts. I also got a cash payout after my accounts were settled.”

“Yes, it did help me. Because of the loan amount I was able to close some accounts. Basically the service that I got is … awesome. Even the correspondence that we did via email is on time.”

“You guys are very efficient, like the lady that assisted me really tried her best to help me cover as many accounts as I could with the loan. She was just very helpful, she explained everything … you don’t always get that! If I was in this situation where I could apply for another loan and I could afford it then I would do it again.”

“They did everything over the phone, I sent them some documents and that was that. They asked me how much I want and that was it. It was quite simple.”

A DirectAxis Consolidation Loan has helped thousands of ordinary South Africans take back control of their finances but is it the answer to your situation? Our situations below illustrate typical situations in which a Consolidation Loan has been the right choice. If you recognise the situation, then you could benefit from talking to us.

Irene’s home was broken into and her laptop, television and smart phone were stolen. Her insurance policy didn’t cover her personal belongings and she urgently needed a phone and laptop for work.

Unfortunately, Irene did not have any savings to fall back on and the cost of replacing the stolen goods threatened to put a tremendous strain on her finances. She already had a couple of credit card and clothing accounts plus a small personal loan to pay off. Any added pressure would put her in a precarious position.

Consolidation: The Alternative Repayment Strategy
A consolidation loan from Direct Axis bundled her credit facilities into a single account. Her other accounts were settled immediately and she was left with a single loan to pay back in smaller, more comfortable repayments over a longer period. And because her monthly repayments were lower, she could free up enough surplus cash to put away into a rainy day fund.

The next time there is such an emergency, she won’t be caught out in the cold again!

Loan amount:
R 32 000
Cash portion after accounts settled:
R 3 137
Monthly cash-boost:
R 1 833

Dawie Smit bought a beautiful three-bedroom house in Stellenbosch at the height of the property boom. There was a bit of renovation work needed and they resolved to start a savings plan to cover the necessary work.

As determined as the Smits were to start saving, a series of unfortunate events unfolded. The petrol price went up and so did the interest rate. The price of groceries shot up too, severely depleting their disposable income and forcing Dawie and his wife to rely on loans, credit card and store cards to finance their lifestyle.

Then came disaster: the ceiling in the lounge and one of the bedrooms began leaking badly - the most affordable quote to repair them came in at a staggering R40 000.

A Consolidation Loan for a Happy Ending
The Smit’s realised they were in a bit of a predicament, especially considering their existing debt, and although Dawie had no idea what a consolidation loan was, his brother did and convinced him it was the way forward.

His brother explained that consolidating their existing debt under a single loan would mean one repayment to one creditor as well as ensuring better control of their finances. He added that they would most likely make smaller monthly repayments, because a consolidation loan is typically paid back over a longer period.

This would enable the couple to fix their ceilings and perhaps even take care of the other repairs. Dawie’s wife agreed and they contacted Direct Axis that day.

“Applying for the loan was quick and hassle-free and we were over the moon to learn that our application was successful. The ceiling is now fixed and, thanks to Direct Axis, our home is now looking better than ever,” Dawie said.

Loan amount:
R 100 000
Cash portion after accounts settled:
R 3 714
Monthly cash-boost:
R 3 112

The mother of a four-year old boy, Denise has a job as a shop cashier. She enjoys her work but she had recently been struggling with increases in the cost of living, especially as she didn’t have any additional financial support for her son.

Store cards had helped initially but she had come to increasingly rely on them and had started to miss payments. She had already received several gentle reminders to pay her arrears.

A Consolidation Loan for Peace of Mind
Denise approached Direct Axis and was given a R15 000 consolidation loan which she used to pay off all her store cards in one go, giving her immense peace of mind. Spread over a five year term, her total monthly payments were significantly less than before and she no longer had to juggle different lenders and pay multiple fees and debit order costs.

The convenience of a single fixed payment meant she could follow a monthly budget and she was able to pay off her consolidation loan comfortably. As for the store cards, she cut them up and no longer worries about missing a payment!

Loan amount:
R 15 000
Cash portion after accounts settled:
R 4 928
Monthly cash-boost:
R 731

Our Consolidation Calculator is for illustrative purposes only but you’ll see straight away how your cashflow could improve. Simply enter as many accounts as you wish, the amounts owing on each and your monthly repayments.

Then click to calculate and sit back to view your new repayments and the extra cash that you could access each month. You’ll receive a more accurate quote once you’ve applied with all your details

If paying your retail accounts, personal loans and credit card accounts leave you with very little cash left over each month then a Consolidation Loan could be your first step towards financial simplicity and improved cashflow.

After obtaining your permission to request settlement, we then do everything for you. You don’t have to find out your remaining account balances, stand in queues or deal with the company concerned. Once the accounts have been settled however, we recommend that you don’t re-open or continue to use them.

Paid back over a longer term than your current loans, retail and credit card accounts, a Consolidation Loan could have a lower monthly repayment, thus leaving more money for you to access each month. In fact, our Consolidation Loan customers reduce their monthly repayments by an average of R1 900.

After your accounts are settled, any money left over from the loan is deposited into your bank account to spend as you choose. You’ll have the convenience of a single, fixed monthly payment and no more multiple service fees and debit order costs. Consolidation loan customers also have the advantage of a Personal Protection Plan, safeguarding future payments against unforeseen circumstances.

We’ll only ever authorise a loan amount that you’re comfortable repaying and once it’s approved, we do all the work: we settle your accounts on your behalf and deposit any remaining money into your bank account. It’s a very simple process: fill in the online form, click to apply and you’ll know right away whether you qualify. Alternatively, you can apply by phone: we are open from 8 am to 5 pm every day – you can even request a free call back from a loan consultant.

  • A good credit record
  • A regular monthly income of at least R5 000
  • Your last 3 months’ payslips or bank statements
  • A clear copy of your ID document
  • Details of your bank account into which your salary is paid
  • A recent document confirming your residential address